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Penny is extremely affected with EFS and other dogs may have different symptoms. The episode she is having lasted approximately four minutes.

Penny will be stressed in this video by the slight movement of a towel in order to show you that she is conscious. Normally we are careful to keep things calm and hold her comfortably wrapped in a towel or laying on a cooling bed when she can't pant. This seems to alleviate the stress and some say may shorten the episode. It certainly will ease the owner's stress if it comforts the dog.



Happy displays the falling and rolling symptoms that gave EFS it's name. Happy has these episodes whenever he is excited.



Luc displays three of the less severe symptoms you might miss in a puppy if he were to do one of these behaviours for a short time. First, he will stumble. Some puppies get right up after these stumbles but Luc continues to reach for his toy. In the second part of the video, notice that Luc's back legs are very straight and that he has a roach in his back and a very stiff gait. Sometimes the puppy's hind legs will even cross. In the third part of the video, even though he is being called, he is frozen. Luc's head is turned to one side and he is standing crooked. Sometimes puppies will just freeze without any contortion of their bodies.



The story of Thistle, who displays different symptoms from the videos above is on her own web page at:


Bentley had his first episode at about 3 months of age - but not like the one in the video, it started as a stiffening and deer stalker pose (which didn't keep him from continuing to run around!). I rushed him to the vet during the first one but by then he was recovered & showed no signs - blood work was normal. The episodes gradually became worse the first year until they reached the point of the one in the video and that's how they've continued ever since. I showed the website to my vet & she said she couldn't know for sure unless I also took a video of Bentley - it took nearly a year for me to be able to video him because I was usually alone with him & the last thing I'd think of doing while that was happening was grabbing my camera! That day, my daughter was home & able to comfort him while I filmed it.

The video, as well as the website, allowed my vet to finally diagnose him. He had episodes on average a couple of times a month - not triggered by anything I could identify, except maybe for getting up too fast or being startled in his sleep?? - not exercise (he'd sometimes be sleeping, wake up & have one). It seemed he'd have slightly more in warmer weather (summers) but really no rhyme or reason.

The breeder retired his mother & we adopted her at age 3 - she also has EFCS although her episodes are very brief and very mild - a slight stiffening involving all limbs for about a minute. Hers have not progressed, and she's now 10. Bentley's have decreased so much this past 6 months - again no rhyme or reason for that. He's turning 8 in August 2016 & otherwise very happy, healthy & bouncy.

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