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What is Episodic Falling Syndrome (EFS)?

Episodic Falling Syndrome, sometimes called Falling Cavaliers, Collapsing Cavalier Syndrome or paroxysmal hypertonicity disorder, is a syndrome of muscle stiffness and collapse, and is a recessive hereditary condition. It is frequently misdiagnosed as epileptic seizures. In mild cases, it may be written off as a cramp, spasm, odd event or quirk. Your veterinarian or breeder may be unaware that the disease exists because it is just being recognized in some parts of the world.

If your Cavalier is having what may seem like seizures but is staying conscious through the event, or if your puppy is tumbling or freezing, or if your dog falls, tries to rise and then falls again, your Cavalier may very well have Episodic Falling Syndrome. The information here may help you and your veterinarian make decisions about the health of your Cavalier.

You will find:

    • Descriptions of Symptoms and accompanying Videotapes.

    • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

    • A personal story about an affected dog and her owner and their struggle to find answers.

    • Information about a DNA test for EFS

    • Who we are and how to contact us. Contacts and

    • links to other information.

We have been blessed with the special opportunity that life brings with loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In the process we have learned to live with Episodic Falling Syndrome. The purpose of this site is to help others find answers and support. Your emails and phone calls are important to us and we welcome your participation.

Dorothie Hellman, Barbara Reese, Christa Krey, and Tina Whittaker.

There is now a discussion and information group on Facebook. If you would like to know more, or speak to other people about EF, then please join the Facebook group.

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